Some cheap digital cameras with fix lens are convenient to start kaping.

To get enlargements, I use digital cameras 3 and 4 megapixels, but it is sure that more powerful ones will follow.

The video out plug is very useful, not to say absolutely necessary to send the image to the ground with a mini transmitter system.


  • the size of CCD to make enlargements which needs 3 megapixels at least.
  • the cancellation of auto shut-off
  • the shutter release delay
  • the focal length of lens: near to wide angle, 65° or 54° like 28 and 35mm focal length of 35mm film cameras.
  • the video out plug
  • the possibility to connect or to install an electric shutter release plug.
Auto shut-off
The auto shut-off is not always possible to cancel, depending on set up programs. However, if the shut-off delay is long enough, it is sufficient to shot from time to time before it expires. On some digital cameras, other craftiness can be used. For example, by activating any function, or the pre-release function, the shut-off delay is reset. The pre-release function activates either the exposure, or the focus, or both. It can be activated permanently through the release plug: the exposure will be preset, which is not a real problem for kap. It could also be activated by a timer, or a simple level switch that the balancing moves of the cradle will be sufficient to make contact..


 Several other criteria are interesting to consider:

  • the focus preset when it is reducing the delay for shutter release.
  • the batteries, with a preference to standard batteries rather than dedicated ones.
  • the use time of batteries. Some digital cameras are very greedy.
  • the arrangement and location of buttons for power on, setup program, mode...
  • the protection of lens
  • the reproduction of colors, saturation, contrast.
  • the numbering of shots.