Arthur BATUT

An homage page is devoted to explain his inventive genius to achieve successfully the first aerial pictures by kites.



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This precursor has managed to adapt himself, to make innovations and combine several techniques with the aim to perform aerial photographs by kite.


Invention of kite aerial photography

Take stock on the historical facts about the invention of kite aerial photography, and about truth and falsehood often seen.



2013 is the commemoration of 125 years since the first kite aerial pictures.

Arthur BATUT is the first to have achieve aerial pictures by kite in May 1888. He succeeded publishable photographs in March 1889.

Edmond Douglas Archibald must have done trials of kite aerial photography in July 1888 at the soonest (no established confirmation). He has not got photographs good enough for publication.


Kite aerial photographs from 1888 to 1899


Index of photographs mentioned or published.

Please note that the Batut's collection has much more and that in other public or private funds other photographs may exist.




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