48 pages, 21x29cm, soft cover

ISBN 88-8039-108-9


Guida alla construzione di piccoli aquiloni per grandi e bambini insieme
in Italian, author Vanny Pecchioli, edited 1996
The translation of the title is Glide in the wind, Guide to the making of small kites for the older and the children together.
After 3 pages describing a kite and the various kinds the author tackles the materials and give some tips and how to make a simple and efficient reel.. Then there are 13 kites with all the plans and method of construction well detailed and clear even for those not familiar with. Finally there are the recommendations for flying.
The plans and the figures for making these kites are self explanatory, so not speaking Italian is not mandatory.
I recommend this book to all those interested with small kite making for children.
The author, Vanny Pecchioli is a very nice fellow who knows about kite and kiting. He has experience in all kinds of kite flying and he is also a kite designer.