128 pages, 13x20,5 cm, soft cover

ISBN 0951-98450-0-3 in English


Author Marten Bondestam, published  in 2000.
If you like kites as a fun hobby and at home make some from odds and ends, this book is for you. There is a great variety of models, most simple and all well designed. All seem good flyers. You will make small ones for children and large ones for adults. There are some with really special and decorated kites. On all of them there are tips to make them. There are also tips for flying.
If you are a trained kiter, you will be surprised that such kites are built so easily with plastic sheets and adhesive tape. It will give you more ideas and will excite your imagination. You will be eager to make some of them, and you will enhance the making described with common materials.
It is a very unusual book, full of enthusiasm, as is its author. Everything he does is a flying success. Make one of his kites and follow his way is a good experience and his advice on one kite could be very useful for others.
There is the description of his no tape sledge which he patented. There is everything to make kite flying a feast, including miniature kites and stunt kites which he calls dancing kites: a real programme!