82pages, 21x21cm, hard cover

ISBN 85-905240-1-9


 The traditional Brazilian fighting kite
Book, written by Esequiel de Souza Gomes
published in March 2005
What an easy book. First an introduction on the different types of Brazilian fighting kites and a short description on the flight.
Then there are the plans and the description of 25 models, each with a nice photograph . They are all beautifully decorated.
It is colorful as expected. I personally find that the background of the pictures which is a color patchwork of kites is not showing the kites to their best. I would have preferred background  as uniform color or the patchwork to be very light.
 On the last page we find a picture of the author and a brief on his biography. I would have liked a photograph of him on the field and may be of other kiters and flying kites.
An interesting book anyway.