Special issue, in french
Early 2000, the Cerf-Volant Club de France published a special issue on kap. The aim was to give to each one interested a fair idea on this technique, not so well-known.
The aim is achieved with many color pictures.
The quality of the drawings is unequal. The general presentation and the page setting could have been better.When a kaper is presenting kap to another person, he should be able to illustrate his speech by flipping through it. The volunteers of the CVCF who prepared it had obviously another target. The newby feel a compilation of previous papers, and cannot find a leading thread.
The papers of the CVCF members show the maturity of this technique, and the vitality of the CVCF in his consideration multi-applications of kiting.
Please note that the CVCF magazine, issue n° 75 of January 1996 has about 40 pages on kap. To read absolutely!
21x29cm, paper cover