144 pages A4 size with plastic perforated bounding, and a true photograph glued on the cover.


auto-edited by Mark COTTREL,
manager of The Kite Store, in London,
in 1987, when nothing else was available.
A very unequal interest in the matters. The best must be sorted out! The page setting is confusing. The explanation on some photographic concepts and the choice of film size are a little bit odds. There are two programs in basic, one is to choose the size of the kite, and the second one to calculate the maximum altitude that it could reach. Some mounting proposals should be avoided. The lists of films and English shops are absolutely out of date.
Some quite correct plans of a parafoil 72" (1,8m) and for a delta 144" base (3,6m) are next to an incomplete plan of a Pelybox.
Three pages are interesting on the operating precautions and on safety. The author knows about it as he saw a camera Lomo 135BC falling from 700 feet (234m)!
As conclusion, a book that the passionate and collector kaper will look, but really out of date on many matters.