110 pages, 18,5x26 cm, soft cover

ISBN 7-119-00633-9  in French


Art et culture traditionnels chinois
Author Wang HONGXUN, published in 1989
More of 80 pages of color pictures and their legend, displaying old prints, kites, craftmen, artists, kiters.
The kites are shown by categories, with several of them in each categories. There are also different themes such as decoration, or kiting. There are two drawings.
One section of 24 pages is only text and is an overall description on Chinese kites on historical, fabrication, modern kiting aspects.
This book is the one to read for learning on Chinese kites.
The English version is titled:
Chinese kites, Traditional Chinese Arts and Culture
Note that there is another book with the same title but author is Liu Chunzen. I don't know the difference between these two.