KAPICA   2002




  A set of 8 DVDs which shows a comprehensive record of the conferences and activities of KAPiCA 2002, Kite Aerial Photography in , California. These days laid from 1st to 6th november 2002 in Pacific Grove, and have been a tremendous exchange of ideas, contacts, friendship.

David Hunt, webmaster of Kaper.kiteaerialphotography.net entirely recorded all the conferences and discussions, and he also reported on the outdoor workshop activities. Thereafter, he dedicated most of his free time during almost a year to the rushes and mounting of the video sequences. Titanesque work exactly done for which we thank him a lot very sincerely. Let mention also Drachen Foundation, which, by a grant, made possible the issue of this video compilation. This is an unavoidable document for all kapers.

This video records are available as DVD, (NTSC all countries) and also as VHS, in NTSC.