40 pages, 24,5x20.5cm, hard cover



book, by the TARASENKO family, published 2007
Kherson is a beautiful city in South Ukrania located in the Dniepr river region.
This book of photographs by the Tarasenko family has pictures shot at ground level, with kite or with a perch. It is a tour of a city and a region with a way of life which we don't know, and which we discover the rich history, a modernity and a preservation of the traditions very attaching.
Thus, photographs, legends in 9 languages, to walk through the city, the suburbs, the markets, the streets, the monuments, the landscapes...Now, I know where is the capital of watermelon!
There are also these beautiful aerial panoramas which the Tarasenko are successfully craft.
It is a book which I'm proud to have and which I have a great pleasure to watch.