299 pages, 14x22,5 cm, Hard cover
In French  1910 edition


 Les Cerfs-Volants
Author: Joseph Lecornu ,1910  edition (first edited 1902).
This book is probably one of the world most famous work on kite.
It is divided in two parts: Kite theory and construction, and Applications of kites. The first part has 8 chapters and the second one 9 chapters.This is not mentionning the conclusion titled "The future of kites. - The aeroplanes."
When this book was first issued in 1902 there was really the beginning of aeronautics and many people were engaged in several aerial activities, kites, balloons, aeroplanes.
Most of this book is universal, as explaining theory or flying characteristics, kite history or kite applications. It is really a reference kite book, and very few mistakes are found. It display most of the kite developments in these days. It is all well documented and well detailed. I will only regret that there is no mention of Woglom and his Parakite.
This book is still a treasure of tips, kite things, accessories. Here is the place to find ideas, to see previous experiences in the same matters. The chapter XII on aerial photography has 36 pages with 22 figures and 5 aerial photographs, 3 by Batut, one on Blue Hill Observatory by Eddy, and one by Wenz. And all the book has such illustrations.
There is no wonder that this book has been re-printed. The 1910 edition is more interesting as being more complete For example, the chapter on aerial photography has 20 pages on the first edition.

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