144 pages, 21x27.5cm, soft cover.

ISBN 0-8174-3293-0 


 Aerial photography,
Professional techniques and Commercial Applications
written by Harvey LLOYD, published in 1989
A very interesting book, from one of the greatest pro aerial photographer in America. Of course, it is not here pictures taken with a kite, but from airplanes, helicopters, or balloons. Of course, the pictures shot from several hundreds feet, to some thousands feet have nothing to compare with pictures from our kites. However, the strict methodology of this professional man, and the eye born by this passionate of images have many common features with kap.
To illustrate the interest of this book, I will quote two sentences beginning the chapters 3 and 5:
"Go up with the best, and come back with the best"
"Composition is the architecture of a great photograph"
Many and gorgeous color photographs illustrates each argument of the author.