44 pages, 21x26 cm, soft cover, in English


Kites to make and fly
Author Wayne Hoskin published in 1990
This is a simple book with large and nice photographs. After an introduction on Malaysia, kite history, and folklore, there are 4 chapters. They are the Wau of Northern Malaysia,  the Layang-Layang, the making and flying, and 10 kites to make. The chapters varies widely as number of pages depending on the topic. All are interesting and well illustrated.
The drawings are an outline of the frames and dimensions are shown apart.
 The book ends with an appendice which the most interesting part is the list of the Malaysian terms used on the kites.
It is easy to read to those who wish to learn about Malaysian kites because it is really well described and composed. It is well organized and  it is also didactic.
It is an excellent introduction to Malaysian kites and those already aware of it will appreciate the clear descriptions of features and the order of different types.