252 pages, 19x24,5cm, soft cover
ISBN 1-85486-050-X


a practical handbook for the modern kite flyer
written in1992 by Ron MOULTON and Pat LLOYD
This book is dealing with kites as an original and winsome approach. Here are some titles of chapters:
So, you want to fly a kite?
Making your own.
Painting the sky.
The single line kites, the fighters, the sport kites, the inflatables, the decorating structures, ... almost everything is treated, well illustrated, and documented.
A chapter, about 15 pages is relating kap. It is based on the techniques used by Tom PRATT, an experienced kaper. However, the equipment, the conception, and the methodology used needs stronger kites with tremendous pull, and well installed winds. The to-day technique is to have lighter equipment, and simpler methods.
A good book, with a lot of details, and interesting ideas.