published in 1985, 64 pages 19x26cm
ISBN4-87956-000-6 C3072
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  japanese book by Katsutaka MUROOKA
A carefully done book, well bounded, with a hard cover, which relate the main subjects covered by Katsutaka Murooka, when during almost one year, a grant from the Fondation Toyota let him improve and satisfy his passion for kap.
This book is written in japanese, with the titles of the chapters in English, plus two pages in English, which syntax let the reader surprised, but finally, it is understood as well.
Anyway, it can be found drawings and photographs on the way to proceed, on the choice of kites, on different experiments. There are many color pictures that the author has visited during his travelling year. He explains that he had many stir problems, which is not surprising, as seen the rigs used. This handicap was compensated by a very large angle lens, and he shot many remarkable pictures.
Katsutaka Murooka speaks with emotion and respectfully of the Cerf-Volant Club de France, and, page 38, is a print of the famous rosette of the CVCF. It's a sincere book, heartly written, and I always have a real pleasure to open it and flip through.
Katsutaka Murooka is president of Japan Kite Aerial Photography Association.