72 pages, 30x22cm, hard cover
no ISBN, published 2007


A Dutch book of kite aerial pictures
This inhabitant of the Terschelling island in Netherlands is showing us his work shot in 2005 and 2006. He flights a delta fishing kite from New Zealand. To me, it looks like the famous Pauls' combination of the flexiwing delta kite and the skyhook sail. There are 67 color photographs, all 25x17cm printed on a nice glossy white paper.
It's difficult to imagine how such a small and flat island can shows so many various landscape, only with sand, sea, grass, woods, ponds and houses. When pictures are on the same spot, it's only to show the amazing difference of the red tiles roofed houses between seasons, and compare with and without snow cover in winter.
I shall say that all pictures have all colors well balanced, true tints, contrasts corresponding to the light and the subject, details are sharp. There are great patterns, nice composition. The text extents only to one page foreword. The images are all count. Bravo to this glazier which is so well playing with the light and express so much beauty.