bounded book, 113 pages, 215x170mm
ISBN 3-8236-1406-1
edited by CTA en 2003
published by Margraf Publishers GmbH


 In french

Eric Tielkes has sub-titled his book " Evaluation et suivi des états de surface par photographie aérienne sous cerf-volant".

Eric Tielkes is German, and I met him during the FLiBB 2000 kap conference, where he presented a paper on his work. He promoted within organizations and organisms which work for the development of small scale agriculture the " use of aerial photography at low altitude with kite as a tool to analyse and follow-up the ground aspects". It is these experiences, and the will to provide information to the African countries, widely french speaking, which ended to this book in french with the help of the CTA, Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale, and the help of several people involved in agriculture or in kap.

This book is well ordered, spared and complete in its headings. Seven chapters, and five annex plus the reference lists makes this book necessary to beginners, and useful to experienced kapers. Very well illustrated with many drawings, and a lot of color pictures. It is an educating book, and it's well done. Underline the very interesting chapter on interpretation of aerial pictures, which is a novelty in this kind of book.

The chapter explaining a kap session describes the operating procedure for the follow-up of  soil surface as done by the author in Nigeria. The newby kaper will rather choose a more simple operating way, but the basea are similar. The many shop references would be quickly out of date.