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A Treatise on the Making and Flying of Tailless Kites
For Scientific Purposes and for Recreation
written by Gilbert Totten WOGLOM, published in 1896
This is a very interesting book which contains many good tips, 28 figures, 3 kite aerial photographs of New York, an Appendix, an index. It's a well made book and the contents are really interesting.
It starts with the description and technical analysis of Asian kites. From them, Woglom designed a bowed diamond kite which he named the Parakite. Its construction is fully explained with all necessary accessories for flying easily and safely. Furthermore there are different versions, for gale winds, for light winds and for "vari-velocitied winds". He teaches on kiting technique and especially how to fly a train.of kites.
You will find a method to measure altitudes, table of ratings against wind velocity, nodes, accessories....
Woglom is transmitting a kite experience issued from a leisure occupation, still valuable nowadays and so amazing considering that the preface is dated June 25, 1896. At that time, make fly a tailless kite was still an achievement.
Woglom took the assistance of a keen and expert amateur photographer, George E. Henshaw. With his kites and Henshaw's camera they took their first photograph on September 21, 1895. The plates were 6½" x 8½ " (165x216mm) and the pictures very clear and sharp.
Woglom and his contribution shall be better known as it's really valuable. I can't all describe here, so you must read it and see Henshaw's pictures.