Most of these issues are no more available, but Brooks spent a lot of time to publish them as CD-rom.


A  real  treasure,
 Thanks to Brooks LEFFLER this quaterly magazine was issued from autumn 1994 to the summer 1999. Firstly printed in B&W, then in color starting winter 1996, the last issue was named "L'OEIL AERIEN".
Brooks LEFFLER have been at the same time the editor and the publisher, under the name AKA, American Kite Association. The issues had 24 to 32 pages, to the 15x21cm size.
The papers were written by kapers from all the world around, 96 all together! Thanks Brooks to have patiently corrected and embellished our non native english, and redraw many drawings.
The great originality was to deal at each issue with a different subject decided before. So, by the time, all techniques have been described, and usually discussed in details. To-day, these 18 issues are composing an unique and very comprehensive set of documents, technically rich, and meanwhile historic.
You understand why Brooks was granted with the EDEIKEN award, in 1999, price attributed by AKA.
List of the themes in Aerial Eye:
1.1 camera craddles
1.2 cameras & films
1.3 lifters and line
1.4 gadgets & gimmicks
2.1 camera craddles II
2.2 targets/subjects
2.3 aerial technique
2.4 kites & kiteflying
3.1 kap electronics
3.2 kap on the edge
3.3 craddles & kites
3.4 gadgets & gimmicks


4.1 line, tails & trains
4.2 how to build it!
4.3 smart & safe kap
4.4 kap transmitters
5.1 first rigs & photos
5.2 the eye closes