editions La Renaissance du Livre
240 pages, 30x28cm, bounded,
published 2001 in french,
first french edition ISBN 2-8046-0558-2 sold out!
published 2002 in English,
ISBN 2-8046-0698-8
second french edition issued 2003,
160 pages 21x21cm  ISBN 2-8046-0781-X


 La Belgique vue du ciel
Bird's eye view of Belgium
photographs of Michel Clinckemaille,
with a text by Fabienne Vanthuyne
2kg, this is the mass of this book which weights heavily in the aerial work of photography with kites, because of the quality and the 250 images, and also by the fact that a such subject is entirely handled with this eye. So, it is a premiere, and a successful one, which got the fame it deserves: N° one of book sales in Belgium, at the end of 2001!
These photographs are a witness; so they are simple, easy to read, and are evidence of the know-how, the technique and the eye of the professional man. Meanwhile, there are sublime lights, creative frames, and some crush photos. It's a great work that Michel has done!
This tasteful travel in Belgium is trimmed with a light and precise text which serve well each subject, and goes with perfectly. The unconditional kaper will regret that the kap pictures, and the photographs taken with a 20m pole are not indicated, and the passionate kaper will play guessing what is what.
Personally, I have discovered the Belgium beauties, and this very beautiful book invites to visit this country.
Hurrah Michel!