A book of the KAPWA  Fundation
published in 1995, written by:
Geoffroy de BEAUFFORT
and Michel DUSARIEZ


145 pages, 15x21cm
french edition ISBN 2-9600048-2-5
English edition ISBN 2-9600048-3-3


Aerial photography taken from a kite,
yesterday and to-day.
Reproductions, photographs, and drawings illustrates the story of the kite aerial photography history since Arthur BATUT. The reprint text of his book is translated.
At the beginning, it's hard to find its way, and to understand the plan and the rhythm of the book, moreover because some remarks and comments makes the reader feel uncomfortable. It is also a pity that the cover, rather old-fashioned, lacks to be attractive to a wide public, to which this book is dedicated.
The historical narrating captivated me. No doubt that the KAPWA documentation, and the know-how of Geoffroy de Beauffort in this matter have largely contributed to it, so much the better! When I think to the book "Kites, an historical survey" which is with no doubt the reference on kite history, but almost ignore kap facts, I'm pleased with this book here.
Some parts as "how to trigger to-day" are not for the passionate kaper, neither for the beginner already smartened, neither to the amateur searching good tips, but they are interesting to others who will become familiar with the different technical matters: camera, suspension, release, shooting.
By the way, the drawings of Antoine VARIN, particularly explanatory, and well drawn, have been happily taken off the KAPWA's documentation, and stand in contrast with other matters not so well technically documented.
The obvious interest of this book is also the about thirty B&W photographs of kap forerunners, or of  famous KAPWA's members.