The most comprehensive book on kite drawings
Render immediately homage to Maxwell EDEN for this excellent book, well-off, and for the time spent to draw all details and kite plans.
The only annoyance for Europeans, Asiatic people, and all other no Anglo-Saxons kiters is the quotation in inches and feet. This measuring system is an antiquity, is not the recognized international measuring system, is not rational, neither scientific. It has been reported that some NASA failure was due to conversion inaccuracy. For not have this problem with our kites, Maxwell EDEN have added a conversion table. But consider that the David Pelham's book in the late 70's was already in centimeters!
More than 30 plans of kites, with all details, clear description of assembly techniques have made the name of this book, the better in the category "construction of kites".
288 pages, 21x28cm, soft cover
ISBN 0-8069-6713-7
first published in 1989