A bilingual book, French and English, published 1988
written by:
Danielle AUTHA, Serge NEGRE,
Geoffroy de BEAUFFORT,
translation by Raoul FOSSET
This book has been essentially written to commemorate Arthur BATUT. It's a success, with a pleasant presentation, where text and images are alternating. We can read the story of Serge Negre 's research to find evidences of Arthur Batut and his work. His life is related, his photographic trials let us looking at it admiringly for the stubbornness, and contrivance he showed. It can be find also the entire text of his book, the first on this subject.
It is a good book that all passionate kapers must have, and should be better known. Offer it, you will make some surprise, and happy faces.
155 pages 17x24cm
ISBN 2-87701-007-4