56 pages, 25x21.5cm, hard cover

ISBN 2-914040-56-3


 Musiques du vent
Book and CD, composed by D. Ferment, B. Tondellier, U. Wahl
published in 2008
This small book is proposing 14 instruments to make. With the photographs, the explanations, and some tricks everybody can do it. Don't follow some photographs for safety and keep the hands off the sharp and grilling tools.
Apart the workshop pages, the small world tour of the instruments for the wind is pleasant to read and a quiet time.
The few explanations on vibrations and on the way to do it are common sense but useful. One would regret that there are not some tips to fix it when it's not working as expected.
And to end it there is a CD to listen and to share for relaxing with the eyes closed....
 A complain, that it is not bilingual for our Europeans friends