The accessories of the kiter are important because they usually cooperate to their safety.

A good pair of gloves which is in leather as soon as the pull becomes high.

The anchoring means are absolutely necessary. The gamma hook is excellent. It will be tied to a near pole, a corkscrew peg, or to any other anchorage point.

Recall that on a beach, the pegs must be drive in deeply, and oversized, because the vibrations of the line will lead to drive them out.  The corkscrew pegs are limited to low  pull, less than 3kgf. Over, the most secured means are the bag filled with sand which weight is over the pull of the kite, and the anchoring plate.

 Note: a mass of 1 kg weights a force of 1 kgf


A reel, a gamma hook, a cork-screw peg.
Note the yellow rag that let find easily the line of the kite is untied.

For those who handle alone a kite pulling strongly (10 kgf or more), a pulley to pull down, or a ratchet pulley are also necessary.

The scales to measure the pull are a useful accessory.