Tree of the gnolystylacee family
other name: mélawis
latin name: gonystylus bancanus
english name: ramin


density 0,7  (1 m of square rod 9x9mm weights 56g)
flexion, very good, similar to bamboo of same size.
50% better than a fiberglass tube.
 Ramin is an exotic wood which grows in Indonesia, in Malaysia, in Borneo, in marshes, in wamps, and low fields.


It is a fine grain wood, light coloured, with tight fibers. It has hardness and quality characteristics similar to those of beech. Low breakable and enough light, it has a good resistance to flexion.
These last years, some ramin of lower quality has been saled, showing evidence of over-taking.
The overtaking lead to a de-forestration which threaten the survival of this tree, and of all the species of fauna and flora of these areas. Particularly the last wild populations of orang-outangs


Because of this, ramin is now registered, since 6th of August 2001, on the list of endangered species of fauna and flora of the C.I.T.E.S. (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of world fauna and flora).
Ramin is classified "zero quota" by the C.I.T.E.S. which means that all countries signing the convention cannot import ramin.


The exporting countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapour, and China.
Importing countries are principally Japan, USA, Canada, and Europe countries.
Will these countries enforce the law?