The kites for the kids must fly well and easily, not pull too much; they must be easy to make.
The three models shown here have been fabricated by hundreds of children with the kiters of the Cerf-Volant Club of Cherbourg with always a great success.
Do not forget that the young children fast grow weary on the same activity. With the construction of the kite, arrange changes with fabrication, decoration, speeches on the wind, kite stories...
When flying, the under 8 kids have often will to change for something else after 30mn, and it may happen that they leave go the bobbin!


To easily make a kite, prepare gauges for drawing the shapes.Give the children good quality scissors, well grinded, with round ends. For the youngests, make cutting previously.
For the reels, the flat bobbins are the more suitable. They must be at least 120mm big. Some bobbins sold in shops with line are really too small. Our preferenge goes to the naked ones on which the children will themselves wind up the 40 to 60m line necessary. This training will dive them easiness in this movement without caring on the kite fly.
For the line, use twisted polyamid, 6660m/kg strenght 6kg sold in 50 and 250g reels.