Book 16x22,5 cm, hard cover.
Published in 1908, giving the photographic news of 1907.
  Restitutions photographiques by Saconney
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  Annuaire de photographie 1908
A paper in French by captain Saconney
In this work of  250 pages is in the section "Variétés" a paper written by par Saconney describing what can be done from aerial photographs with the method of photogrammetry.
In a note on the first page, the captain Saconney disclose his link with the colonel Laussédat of which he was the pupil, and after his death in 1907 the will to continue his work.
After a short reminder on the conical perspectives, J. Th. Saconney describes several examples. These examples are postal cards of which he ignores the features of the camera and its location, and also some photographs made available by E. Wenz which the quality allows some interesting results of surveying.
There are also two historic photographs of the old quarter Pei-tang in Pekin, taken in 1900 by the balloon pilots of the expeditionary corps. Today there are no remains of this quarter which has been razed to ground.
Il s'y trouve aussi deux photographies historiques de l'ancien
In the annuaire this paper is next to the one of E. Wenz on kite aerial photography. It is very interesting because it is following the Laussedat's ones written earlier, and will be followed by his own book published in 1913.
We also remark the note page 381 on the play of E. Wenz  on aerial photography where he states that E. Wenz has been the first to use wide photographic chambers (18x24cm).