74 pages, 15x21cm , soft cover, in French

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 The first book on aerial kite photography, by Arthur BATUT, published in 1890, in french.
In reality, it is also the first practical guide on this matter. Everything is there: the kite, the photographic equipment, the suspension... the operating procedure, the ideas to pursue, some suggestions...
The most surprising is that Arthur Batut got this idea in 1888, reading the Gaston Tissandier 's book published in 1886 " La Photographie en Ballon " describing aerial photography from balloon.
The very first page of this small book is a B&W picture 10x14cm of Labruguière, taken march 29th, 1889, one year after the inspired idea.
Among all the practical advises that Arthur Batut has explained without restraint, mention the technique consisting of walking downwind before the shutter release to stabilize the camera. We are many to do it when wind is irregular.
The text of this book has been re-published in the two recent books: "Labruguière" with English translation, and "Aerial photography taken from a kite"

Moreover, let's give honor to the noble heart of Arthur Batut who has the will to disclose and broadcast this technique, and give all instructions to succeed, without holding back any tip, and without wishing to draw any personal profit or some glory. This is, in my opinion, the true pionner spirit of aerophotography, that many kapers continue still today for the good fortune of all  us.

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